Gregory Keough: From CIA Secrets to Global Philanthropy Impact

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Gregory Keough: From decorated Covert CIA Operations Officer to Leading Global Tech CEO

For the past 30 years Mr. Keough has been building innovative companies in advance of major technological shifts. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and author he enjoys leveraging the latest technologies to create new digital business models that change the way the world functions.

Take a look below to learn a bit more about Mr. Keough’s varied career and ventures as well as his community engagement.

Gregory Keough: Ventures and Wild Ride

Gregory Keough: Central Intelligence Agency

Covert Operations Officer

Gregory Keough was a covert Operations Officer for the Directorate of Operations, the clandestine branch of the Central Intelligence Agency, during the Cold War. He honorably served his country and was awarded the Intelligence Star for a rescue he was involved in overseas where he saved the life of another officer.

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Gregory Keough: Internet – Zona Financiera

Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board

At the start of the Internet the first and largest digital finance site for Latin America. Additionally, Achieved many firsts: First to bind and sell insurance online in Brazil with AIG; First to provide online stock quotes from Latin American exchanges and others. Backed by T Rowe Price, Hartford Life and others. Citigroup acquired $100M.

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DataCenters – AperServ

Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board

In advance of the growth of data centers, provided web based Service Level Agreement management platform. Company acquired by Response Networks (majority owned by Cisco), one year after founding for $15M.

Learn more as featured in Computer World & Washington Post.

VoIP – DigiLinea

Founder, CEO, Chairman

Pioneered VoIP to make all calls to Latin America local. Largest provider of local DID (local telephone numbers) to major telecom providers like KDDI, Skype, Ibasis, Global Crossing, and many others. Acquired by private telecom consortium.

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Mobile Payments – RegaloCard

Founder, CEO, Chairman

Revolutionized the multi billion dollar money transfer market in Latin America and Used mobile technology to enable free and instant money transfers.

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MasterCard & Telefonica


CEO and ran a global mobile financial services Joint Venture owned by MasterCard and Telefonica two of the largest corporations in the world.

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Florida based family cattle operation raising Brangus cattle and farming niche agricultural products.

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Gregory Keough: Digital Lending – Finova Financial

Founder, CEO, Chairman

Created new financial product the Car Equity Line of Credit (C-LOC), providing fast affordable online loans based on the equity in your car. KPMG named Finova one of World’s 100 Leading Financial Technology Innovators and Mr. Keough was awarded Game Changer of the Year for lending innovation.

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Gregory Keough DMM

Gregory Keough: Blockchain – DeFi Money Market (DMM)


The first DeFi protocol to connect Real World Assets (RWA) and DeFi. Company grew to over $1 Billion valuation.

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Institute for Blockchain Innovation

Founder, Chairman

Blockchain/Crypto think tank composed of the world’s innovators in both the traditional and the blockchain/crypto financial systems, along with leaders from corporate, academic, regulatory, entrepreneurial, venture capital, and governmental backgrounds to set industry standards.

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Carbon Credit Global

Founder, CEO, Chairman

A unique consultancy working with world governments in bringing the power of AI, Blockchain and FinTech to develop global Carbon Credit Markets. Leveraging finance to solve climate change.

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Mr. Keough’s Philanthropies

Covert Warriors


Helping the Heroes Who Helped Us. Providing the emotional, legal, and monetary support to US special operations officers and forces who find themselves dealing with life changing challenges after having served their country with honor.

Santa for Seniors El Salvador


El Salvador based charity dedicated to spreading Christmas joy to all regardless of age, socio-economic class, or religion

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“Latin America Top Banker”

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