Gregory Keough: Life And Outlook

Gregory Keough grew up in a small town of 3,000 people.

He firmly believes faith and country life are the soul of America and source of US greatness.

People are desperately searching for meaning
and truth in a complex world.
By embracing our history and culture we can have an American Renaissance.

Gregory keough


Gregory Keough:Straight Talk from a A Life of Extremes

Gregory Keough was raised in a small town in a family of lively Irish immigrants of very modest means. 

His grandfather was a lineman for the electric company and his grandmother a nurse.  His mom Patricia was a teacher and his Dad Bill was a former Naval Officer who served in the Korean war and worked for a bank.  Ever since immigrating from Ireland his family has a history of government and community service. His uncle John Hennigan is a retired combat disabled US Navy Seal Officer who served in Vietnam. At 5th grade he was sent to work outside the house to earn money for his family, he has worked everyday since. When not working, which wasn’t often, he had the great benefits of growing up country he was exploring, hunting, fishing, climbing trees, or eating wild apples or strawberries while staring at the sky.

Inspired by his uncles naval service as a Seal in Vietnam he joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a Covert Operations Officer for the Directorate of Operations the clandestine arm of the CIA. He served during the Cold War during the late 1980’s to early 1990’s during the days of civil wars that engulfed Central America. While working abroad he was awarded the Intelligence Star by CIA Director Robert Gates for his actions during a rescue while serving abroad. He is one of the few living recipients of the Intelligence Star. Learn More.

He has started over 20 companies which have both failed miserably as well as been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. He has been a rancher for many years. With a net worth at one point of over $500 Million he has also lost all his money and had to start over multiple times His life of extremes have been true feast and famine and while he has been on the top he and his family have also been homeless and dependent on the kindness of others. Learn more.

He has lived the majority of his life in Florida but also has lived for extensive periods abroad in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. He attended Syracuse University and executive education in Financial Inclusion at Harvard University. He met his wife of 30 years while serving with the CIA abroad in El Salvador and has 5 children. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting, fishing, skiing, scuba diving, and travel.

He is life long country music fan and is gladdened that some of our traditional small town values and stories continue to be told by some of his favorite singers like Riley Green, Justin Moore, Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, Cody Johnson and others. He believes in US greatness and knows if people loose their fear and speak the truth we all know, we will see an American Renaissance. Todays youth are desperately seeking what growing up in the country used to provide to all Americans, simplicity, faith, family, hard work and truth. He thinks country music is one of the most effective avenues to start this change.

Gregory keough – Author

While Mr. Keough’s still has multiple business interests globally he now spends his time writing and focusing on his family. While a sinner, he is devoted to his spirituality and is a devout Catholic.

Gregory is a self made man, with strong values, great faith and and immensurable love for family. He belongs to the “Yes Mam”, “Yes Sir” generation. The generation of please and thank you. He is a doer, he will go the extra mile to help people because he belongs to the generation of “no man left behind”.

Mr. Keough has made and lost fortunes several times, has nearly been killed multiple times, yet credits his humble small town roots and upbringing for making him adaptable to any situation and in any environment.

He is saddened that todays culture is robbing the youth of some of the most precious experiences life has to offer and so greatly benefited him. A life that instills faith, family, hard work, and community so that all our citizens are proud self reliant and independent and the US creates the men and women needed for the next century and beyond. His hope is that al Americans will embrace our rich history and culture fostering the great American Renaissance.

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